Can you lose weight while taking seroquel

December 17, PM. I even had a treat once in awhile. Since stopping seroquel, I am feeling tou, I wish I had never taken them. It had done its job and it was time to get off of it. This thread is strictly to do with Anti-obesity medications as a counter acting substance to the weight gain caused by seroquel. Posts: 7, Member Member. COM do not endorse.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. You are currently viewing the message boards in:. Posts: Member Member. I'll have one every now and then, and it knocks me out to the weigth I don't can you lose weight while taking seroquel remember going to bed, and I also wake up ravenous the next day. How on earth do people take mg during the day?????

I'd be asleep on the couch all day and undoubtedly would put losd weight because Fan would not be able to put one takinng in front of the other December 17, AM. I have bipolar type hou with psychotic features. I whiel weight rapidly in whole abdominal area which is not a place I normally store fat. I did not get cravings. I ate the same diet can you lose weight while taking seroquel amount. Despite concerted efforts to reduce intake and increase activity I could not seroque any weight. Since then I was able to slowly lose weight over the last year up and down and recently since addressing sub clinical hypothyroidism secondary to lithium use I have been able to lose weight in a more 'normal' pattern using traditional portion control and increased exercise.

For now, I am fairly stable on lithium alone. I respect that this is not an option for many people. Posts: 85 Member Member. I am feeling far less hungry on than I did on Still zombie eating, but hoping this will get better as I get weaned off the horrible serohell. December 17, PM. Lost nearly a stone now. January 1, AM. When I took this medication it was the direct cause of weight gain for me. It made me incredibly hungry so I would take the medicine and go to sleep.

I gained 15lbs with no change in my eating habits. A few srroquel after noticing the gain I had family visiting, I did my normal routine and the next day was shocked to be told I was sleep eating. About 30 minutes after I went to sleep I takjng up went to the kitchen and ate several plates of food, washed dishes, and went back to bed. During this time I would not respond to anything around me, wouldn't speak or make eye contact because I was sleep walking in a way.

My doctor told me that this can be a side effect of the medication and we had to change it. It's ignorant to say people are using it as an excuse because people react differently to medications. Been on it for almost 20 years. It always makes me hungry so i always eat dinner late so im not hungry before bed. I cant sleep if im hungry. Never thought of it as a cause can you lose weight while taking seroquel weight gain. I honestly would not take that medication if it forskolin virus causes weight gain.

It seems to me people are just trying to pass the blame onto a medication that makes you hungry as the cause of their weight gain. January 1, PM. I went through the same except I would wash the dishes I used and clean up all evidence. I would never weighr it. I will be the first to admit it has improved my mental health, but obesity gets tkaing down.

I take the at night and then I "zombie eat". Sometimes I have no recollection of even doing this, but I am faced with the evidence of empty food packets strewn on the floor when I wake up. The doc is now weaning me off this stuff and I am down towhile they are adding in Abilfy. Yes, it has can you lose weight while taking seroquel me stable I'll be the first to hold up my hand and say I had significant gains. However over time I've got a handle on what is medication hunger and what is real I've lost 28lbs in the last year, my psychiatrist persuaded me to persevere as I'd been gravely ill and I'm happy to report just this last week the fog is lifting.

I can relate to the sleep eating as olanzipine I'd seroqueel trade my sanity for aesthetics but when it impacted my health I got really stressed So onward with the battles we have. Soft hugs to you all But antipsychotics alter the liver and weught changes. Posts: 7, Member Member.

So Mental! Weight Loss Tips for Weight Gain Caused by Meds

How to lose weight while taking Seroquel. doctorzoidburg when you are trying to lose weight while on seroquel it is important to not have foods you know you will. Jul 02,  · Lower Dosage Seroquel for Weight If you gain more than 5 percent of your original weight while taking Seroquel, How to Lose Weight While Taking. How to lose weight while taking Seroquel Despite concerted efforts to reduce intake and increase activity I could not lose any weight. Once I stopped taking.

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