Average weight loss after gastric bypass per month

I've been doing all the right things. Well before having bariatric surgery, patients begin taking steps in the right direction. I am getting accustomed to it and not fretting about it at all. I just wish I wasn't HUNGRY This causes "dumping" -- running to the bathroom with diarrheaor simply a feeling of nausea.

Or sign in with one of these services. Posted April 12, Hi. Just wondering what is or was your average weightloss per week? So far it looks like I'm losing 3 s a week. I know we're all different but I have just read about so many losing so much more than peg s a week. Posted April 12, My surgeon told me that we loose weight after WLS like steps. Its not one gradual loss but a series of loses with mini plateaus if you want to call them that, they aren't really in between.

Sometimes I don't loose anything for weeks and then loose 10 lbs in one week. Posted April 12, Posted April 12, It's only been 3 weeks for me and I've lost 8lbs first week and then 4lbs the second and third 16lbs total. I'm sure it will drop to 3lbs or less in the near future, but hopefully not nutrition and weight loss online courses soon.

I go back to work next week and do pretty physical work, so hopefully that will keep it going for a little longer. I'm totally jealous of the people that lost lbs in the first 3 weeks, but I'm trying not to be discouraged. I just wish I wasn't HUNGRY I am one of those that hasn't had trouble eating ANYTHING that I've tried so far after surgery I just can't eat too much at one time.

I also can see how I could easily eat alot if I allowed myself to eat more often. I just need to ,oss busy Posted April 12, I have a weight tracker online, and I lost on average 20lbs per month in the first 7 months. The weightloss has slowed down, and I lost only 3lbs in the last 8 days. It definitely depends on a lot of factors Here is how mine has went Now I've lost 2 lbs already and I am only 5 days average weight loss after gastric bypass per month my next month.

But my total is 76 lbs so far You are doing great. As long as you follow the rules most of the time Congrats on the success you have had so far. It sounds like you are doing fine to me. Posted April 13, The first 3 months I lost average weight loss after gastric bypass per month a week. Then it has gradually slowed down to may 2 pounds a week. Then I hit a plateau for about 6 weeks when I was seven months out.

I have now lost 2 pounds a week for the past 2 weeks. Slow and steady is fine for gastrc as long as the numbers go down I am happy. Posted April 13, I've lost 15 pounds in 12 days. Of course it's my FIRST 15 days post lloss and know it's going to slow down but man, it feels great. Posted April 13, Michelle, that describes my loss perfectly.

I lose about 10 to 15 pounds and sit average weight loss after gastric bypass per month it for 2 to 3 weeks. I just started my 4th sitting still thing since surgery on Jan aftre I am getting accustomed to it and not fretting about it at all. It's the body's way of adjusting, but it is not a plateau -- just an adjustment. During that time, my body is losing inches and making adjustments to catch up with the loss. It is very common. Posted April 13, I have an average weight loss after gastric bypass per month of 4.

I am in plateau city right now and expect some great things to come soon! Posted April 13, Well by the looks of it I guess I'm doing just fine with my 3 a week loss. Thank you all who responded. I just needed reassurance that I'm on the right path with the weightloss. I don't know what I'm whinning about I've never had such a steady loss of 3 s ever! So I am thankful I'm even losing that much. Posted Btpass 14, Posted April 14, I love trying to keep track of my averages.

I'm 14 weeks post-op and I've averaged a weight loss of 5. I will also sadly admit byoass this weight loss is without any real regimented exercise other than occasional arm exercise with weights. I've been busy with wedding plans and haven't been doing my walking like I should. The wedding is April 29th and I am already daydreaming of all the stuff I will make myself do after that. I want to swim more, walk more, lift weights more, hike more, DANCE more, etc.

Lifelong Success After Bariatric surgery - How to prevent gaining weight after bariatric surgery

Realistically, after getting the gastric weight loss is about 8 to 12 pounds per month. I see on average about 50 patients a months for the last 20. Jun 12,  · weight loss surgeries per year. Deaths in the month After Gastric Bypass. Post-surgery weight loss is weight loss than gastric bypass. Oct 25,  · Weight Loss -Specific Gastric Sleeve Surgery Support Groups I've been losing an average of 3 lbs per week, Weightloss Per Week?.

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