Lauki juice for weight loss in urdu

You should also try some of the natural remedies I have already written about. It is like small spinach leaves. What is the meaning of moong magodi? The normal gases which we have mentioned in the earlier post are almost odorless and do not produce any smell. The ratio of rice and urad dal is correct. The rocket seeds are as Gargeer in Hindi. Also check out my Soft idli secrets and idli batter for more detailed explanation.

English-Hindi Names of Lentils English-Hindi Names of Dairy Products English Hindi Names of Spices English-Hindi Names of Nuts Hindi to English Lauki juice for weight loss in urdu The dictionary or the Hindi names with their pictures of various vegetables weihht fruits, like asparagus, apricot, avocado, blueberry, celery, colocassia, custard apple, etc. Pictures help in better recognition.

Hindi and English names of blueberry, avocado in Hindi, apricot in Hindi, fig, endive, french beans, guava, Indian gooseberry, jackfruit, mulberry, olive, okra, parsley, passion fruit, pinenut, sapota, zizyphus, green berry, shalgam and many more are given. It is a near relative of turnip. There is no exact Hindi name of horseradish. Chive allium schoenoprasum like onion leaves have hollow cylindrical leaves used for seasoning.

What is called mosami in English. It is like small spinach lauki juice for weight loss in urdu. Are chakotra and bijora the same fruit Please let me know about gor leaves also known as salad rocket, and is it or its seeds available in India? It is rich in vitamin C and potassium. The plant leaves, laukki, seed pods and mature seeds are all edible. The rocket seeds are as Gargeer in Hindi. Lauki ki taseer kya hai?

Its picture is given at. It has a smooth, uniform yellow outer peel and a translucent white crunchy pulp inside. It is not available in all the cities in India but may be bought online. Please see the picture. The picture seems to be so. This fruit is excellent for the treament of Cancer. The Star fruit is elongated star shape of light green colour.

It looks similar to cabbage. It is supposed to be beneficial in reducing cholesterol. What is the meaning of moong magodi? Moong magodi is made from a smooth past of grounded moong dal. The dal is spread in small dots and dried in sun and stored for future use. It has really taught me a lot, the English names for many things I used to wonder about, wonderful site! Kantola or kakrol in Hindi is called pine gourd or Teasel gourd in English.

This is also known as Gunda and used for making tasty pickles in Northern India, mainly in Rajasthan inn Gujarat. English meaning of sigada? I wish your team my heartiest congratulation for such a good effort. Keep the flag lauk for ever! What is the English name of sharifa fruit? What is Kharra Tori ka beej? And where could I buy this in England? I know Tori is like Zucchini, but what is Kharra Tori?

Tori in English is called Zucchini. Fruit called Ramfal's name in English please. It is wrongly taken as Custard Apple Sugar applewhich is Sitaphal. What is English name for tinda? It may be called as Indian round gourd or apple gourd or Indian Baby Pumpkin. What is Hindi name of Gac fruit? It is known as Vietnamese super antioxidant food. Its scientific name is Momordica cochinchinensis.

Its other name include Baby Jackfruit. Its fruit and leaves are used in Vietnamese culinary dishes. It is also used for its medicinal and nutritional properties. Its seed membranes are said to aid in the relief of dry eyes and to promote healthy vision. Indian Bora Bean name in English climbing bean when jjice mature, lauki juice for weight loss in urdu the seed and cook the seeds, bean shell inches long.

Bora bean is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganeseand magnesium. Gherkin is thick oval shaped species of cucumber. Its other names are Bengal quince, Stone apple, Elephant apple, Indian bael fruit, Indian quince, Wood apple, lauki juice for weight loss in urdu. What is english name of vegetable of bathua hindi available in winter In some countries, it is a weed and is called as lamb's quarters, melde, goosefoot and fat-hen.

Gheeya is also known as Loki and Doodhi. Please let me know is it mausambi? Lime comes in yellow color in India and many country, while it comes in green color in USA, Australia, etc. Hi, Can you please tell poss what 'Gavar' is called in English?? Tell me the English name of Parwal vegetable. The snake gourd is thin narrow soft and long vegetable upto cm long, whereas Parval is about 7cm long.

What is the English name of phalenda? What is English name of Suran vegetable?

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd Juice

English to hindi names of fruits and vegetables and their pictures are given on this page.

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