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Since I started vaping, I've lost some weight. As a general rule I don't think people should add addictions to their weighf however if vaping can help them I don't want vapig put it down. Posted April 16, I weight loss vaping it might vary from person to person. It has also been proven to help them gain weight. I'm glad weight loss vaping has helped you out so much. Instead of Hershey, I look at Vapor Trails NW.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Log in or Sign up. Vaping Underground Forums - An Ecig and Vaping Forum. Login or Sign Up! Has Vaping helped you lose weight? Page 1 of 2. Has Vaping help you in your weight loss Journey at all? I would smoke a cigar with friends or have one with a drink during the summer time.

I would also dip during road trips or vaplng at the family farm during the summer. The nicotine would help me stay alert and awake on the road. Then when I was introduced to vaping I vvaping much only did it valing taking long drives in place of dip avping occasionally when drinking with friends, or I would vape while they smoked analogs. When I started my weightloss transformation, I had to cut back on drinking and eating socially. I started vaping in its place.

I also found it helped with my sweet vapiing when I could vape desert type flavors. I then out grew the set ups I was using and got into RTA's, RDA's, regulated box mods, and mech mods. Then it made the vape alot more enjoyable. So now I still vape to help control my sweet tooth and when I go out. So it really has helped me. You can still eat socially, you have options. For my sweet tooth NO but I limit myself to xs a month relaxing of losss strictness, it prevents total failures and back slides.

Might want to look into the aspertaime thing a bit. How the body converts it will scare weight loss vaping hell out of you. If I remember, I'll have to get back to you about vaping and weight loss next year after I hopefully get back into bicycling. Only started vaping in September and the winter months with the holidays are a horrible time to try and loose weight. The flavors trigger my sweet tooth, Lose weight workout and diet plan weight loss vaping tobacco flavor juice, but don't like it.

When I was young, I started smoking, and continued for 13 years. I stopped cold turkey. Before I started smoking again, I weighed When I started smoking again, I lost 50 's. Vaping has definitely helped me lose weight. Vpaing lost about 50 pounds since last summer. No quite the opposite. I must have gained 20 pounds since I gave up smoking. Analogs are somehow appetite weight loss vaping. I can't weight loss vaping the same about my e-liquids even though I only vape straight menthol or Heisenberg.

Sent from my GT-I through Tapatalk. I have an eating disorder so I really can't say I'm sure there are studies published that can determine the effect that nicotine has with weight loss. Still holding under Also not a cloud chaser and am a high mg user. I have not but I have a friend who swears that when she started vaping dessert flavors she lost weight. However, she said most of the weight loss was in her Butt and Boobs so she went back to vaping other flavors. Not me and quite the opposite.

I've gained 15lbs since I've been vaping weight loss vaping I'm NOT happy about it. Now that I've been vaping 10 months analog free I too have actually gained about 20 lbs since quitting Analogs 4 months ago. Time to get back in the gym, I can breath now just cant bend over and tie my shoes lol. I can't really say if I dropped some pounds since I started vaping. However, I can say that there were a multitude of times when I wanted amazing sweets such as red velvet cake, banana pudding, or a delicious and TASTY lemon-glazed pudding cake.

Instead, I vaped a flavor that encompassed those flavors. Gotta luv the variety we as vapers enjoy day after day: Vendor after vendor!

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Oct 17,  · Weight Loss And Vaping. Started by dearne, April 16, Over all the pros of vaping out weigh a bit weight gain--at least I can breath better. E-cigs to lose weight, nicotine suppresses the appetite-fact. Vaping the pounds off with the e-cig diet? why not just exercise to lose weight the hard way. Aug 15,  · Video embedded  · Has Vaping help you in your weight loss Journey at all? My tobacco/nicotine intake before vaping was limited to the occasional cigar or.

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