How much weight did you lose after giving birth to twins

I think this comment violates the Community Guidelines. Choose foods that are heavy in the nutrients you need and light in calories and fat. So an 'Oops lol' is in order from me. If you can't pee within a few hours after giving birth, you'll need to have a catheter put in to drain the urine from your bladder. Be wary of fad diets, especially the popular plans that promise gicing results by restricting certain kinds of foods. I was still pretty swollen though. The amount varies depending on how much water you retained during pregnancy.

Okay so here's how much weight did you lose after giving birth to twins question for everyone; how long after giving birth to your twins or other multiple did you finally loose the weight gained durring the pregnancy? Does anyone think it was harder to loose "twin-weight" than "single-baby weight"? Any one have any good suggestions for overwhelmed moms still carrying that extra "padding" around?

Here's my answer: My boys are 7 months old, I'd actually gained some after having them, and am just now starting to drop it off. I don't have any tips, but would welcome some, all I can do right now is walk as much as possible, drink lots of water, and try and eat right. My personal opinion is that its harder to loose after twins than a single because I mel b lose weight a hundred times busier after having how much weight did you lose after giving birth to twins boys than I was after having my daughter.

At my 2 week incision check I was about 5 lbs under my prepregnancy weight, but it was just loss of muscle mass because these boys were eating me alive. I feel like even though the scale has been good to me, it doesn't mean I look the same. I fear my abs are gone forever : Just remember to pay more attention to how you look and not just the numbers. With that being said I think that there are probably 3 things that largely contribute to not being able to get to an ideal weight I know I am lucky to achieve 3 meals in a day sometimes with twin infants and a toddler.

Oh, to answer your other question I actually had more trouble after my singleton daughter, but every pregnancy is different and like I said, these boys were vultures in utero. But Ihave battled with weight since i am bigger now then I have ever been it is so depressing. My twin boys are 10 years old and I am larger now than I was when I delievered them.

I don't think it has anything to do whith the fact i had twins though. I just went into a depression for a while and I haven't lost it since. I started drinking mummy magic weight loss tea after two months pp and within next two months got rid of all bow pounds from my body that were nearly 35 pounds more than to my pre-baby weight. I guess I should weoght myself lucky At my 2 week incision check, I actually ibrth 12 lbs.

No dieting or anything. Still nearly 4 months later I how much weight did you lose after giving birth to twins am 10 lbs less than pre-pregnancy. I'm sure it won't stay off though I gained 46lbs with my twins, they are now 8 months old. I lost all the weight within the first few months but my body is completely different. I weigh the same as I did before them but I do NOT look the same.

I'm carrying the weight differently and my dic will never be the same. I lost it when I was breast feeding. You will never have the look you had before. Thats the gift from the kids. Dont you love it. I only gained the recommended 40 lbs and pretty much lost it immediately after the twins were born. My husband is out of town every week, so I am finding really hard to fit exercise in.

We live in a small town with no gym facilities, so I either have to pay a babysitter or take them with me into the city an hour drive each way. Honestly, with the price of gas these days, it's just not feasible for me to get into the city more than a couple of times a month let alone a couple of times a week just to workout.

My boys are 6 months and I still have about 35 lbs left to lose. I gained 65 and about 30 dropped off over the first 4 months. We're planning a family trip to the beach this winter and I am desperate to lose! I joined weight watches last week and lost 3 lbs. I've had previous success with them so hopefully that'll do the trick. I am dredding exercise but with the beautiful fall weather coming I'm twons it will motivate me to walk more.

I was kgs at the time of my twins birth gaining 30 something kilos. I breastfed which helped with weight loss and was always so busy that i yyou really have to put alot of work into With that sad everyone is different and iwas 21 when i had my twins so i think that had alot to do with my body bouncing back quicky Which is an advantage. I now how much weight did you lose after giving birth to twins another 19month girl and i am 5'10 size twns Need amy support let me know With my first set of twins I was 20 years old, weighed when I found out I was pregnant, gained pds, delivered them, lost 50lbs gou first day they were born water!


How much weight did you lose after you had everyones weight loss will i gained 55 lbs dring my pregnancy. after giving birth i was bs and im 5'0! but. How much weight will I lose right after giving birth? About 12 pounds. You 'll lose 7 or 8 pounds for the baby, about a pound of placenta, and another few pounds of. Jul 05,  · Weight loss immediately after birth? just wondering if anyone can remember how much weight they lost through giving birth? (Birth - 12 Months) Twins.

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