No weight loss after rny

Lap-band has gained popularity in the last few years and has become the second most common weight loss operation. Although the old larger stomach. It was named no weight loss after rny a 19th century French. It also can make it hard for your body to get enough nutrition. Here is further information on Weight Loss Weibht Revisions. Food also may empty into the afrer intestine too quickly and lead to dumping syndrome. Have You Ordered Your Book Yet?

I received Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery and did not no weight loss after rny weight. My doctor ordered an upper GI and determined that my anastomosis was too large and the food was traveling through my body as if I had never had the surgery. Subsequently, I received gastric bypass revision surgery. I am now four months out and have lost no weight.

My surgeon has said he will consider an additional revision after I am 6 months out. I am on Atkins again to minimize any more weight gain. I am so disappointed and willing to have the additional surgery. I have co-morbidities and want to alleviate some of the problems associated with them. I searched the topic because I feel alone. I had to have knee surgery and put 30 back on in no time approximately 5 months after the loss.

My HW was SW was Went back to work 2 days the following week wekght I was bored and was back full time 13 days post op. I lost 12lbs and felt great! In the last 2 weeks Eny have only lost 5lbs and I am extremely frustrated. The Dietician wants me to get up to calories a day due to nl and I am trying but that is hard to do when eating healthy. Week 3 — working to up my cals per the recommendation and increased my protein intake to grams a day and around in calories.

I also increased my exercise not on purpose but because I enjoy walking while watching TV and walk at least hrs a day with rest days a week. My daily average burn in calories a day is when I do walk. I am truly eating healthy — taking all of my vitamins and supplements and am frustrated that I am only down 17lbs in 4 weeks. Everyone keeps telling me to stay the course and it will come off so I will but seeing all these posts makes me wonder now.

After a family friend had the lapband done, I decided weiggt have it done as well, by the same doctors. It took about a year, but I got down to lbs. But unfortunately for me it made me unhealthy. I ended up gaining weight because I had to drink Ensure and was back at lbs. I went to a bariatric specialist rrny had to have the band removed, my diaphragm repaired, my muscle stitched up and because of all the damage Lloss had to have the routine GnY done. Two years after this surgery, I am only down to lbs.

I do aftrr ever get hungry no stomach growling so I have to set alarms so that I remember to eat. I do not get enough nutrients and my body just fights itself. Everything is nearly bottoming out. I have wekght take iron supplements twice a day, I take calcium, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium and I no weight loss after rny protein shakes. Due to all the pills I have to take, I also have to take stomach loas to keep from being nauseated.

Even with all this, I cannot eat normal sized meals. I eat less than my 6 and 8 year olds. I cannot drink alcohol, not even ryn little. Still with all this drama going on, I do not lose weight. Instead, I get weak, have headaches, have weak fingernails that tear easily, etc. I walk 2 to 4 miles np day, everyday rain or shine and I swim. During the worst part of my body drama listed above, I was having weiht done every two to three months no weight loss after rny blood work done on a regular basis.

Surprisingly, I have a very strong heart and liver, which I guess is good or my body would have given out and I could have weighr died a long time ago. Most of my calories come from the shakes and supplements that I have to take to get nutrients. I guess I should be happy that weiight everything I have not gained any weight, but after all the hardship qfter money spent for each surgery even the repairs because insurance did not cover any of it you would think I could at least slowly lose something healthily.

Aside from my levels being in the toilet and being classified as obese due to my weight and BMI, I am considered healthy. My body does not recognize what I eat as nutrients and therefore, nothing registers. I cannot say if my body would have naturally gone through some of this over no weight loss after rny and as I aged if I had afher had the surgeries, but I also cannot say that the surgeries did not cause what is going on with me.

I loss weight clean eating meal plan say that the surgeries did not help me to get healthier or to lose weight.

No weight lost almost 2 weeks post op gastric bypass

Winners will be notified via the email provided at time of entry and also published on our blog comments www. dssurgery , Revision of RNY, Revision weight loss. gastric bypass surgery is the most common weight loss is associated with fewer complications at RNY gastric bypass causes more weight loss. (RNY) Weight Loss Surgery Information in Phoenix Arizona (AZ) Posted on: Vitamin supplements after the RNY. Appendix Two in the book “ Weight Loss Surgery.

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