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The Contender Asia Season I, Episode 9. Weight loss challenge auckland 2015 it is, see how good you can get at in 20 weeks to be in to win this one. Embark on a journey of health and weighf on this optimal weight-loss retreat, with high-impact personal training and tailor-made weight-loss cuisine, designed by nutrition experts to match your metabolism. Book a FREE Consultation. What's a healthy weight for you? Get in Touch With a Trainer Today. Wins the WMC The Contender Asia Season I and WMC World Middleweight Champion lbs.

We believe being at your optimal weight and oozing with energy is a fringe benefit of being healthy and fit. Nb:All entrants and trainers are encouraged to have a Facebook account to be involved in the Challenge. Entrants pay their PT directly for any PT sessions. Costs can vary greatly but most entrants, even those on a tight budget, can usually be catered for.

Desire a shapely waist or an envious six pack? Then choose this as one of your categories. Also a goody for people that want to focus on their pelvic floor strength. How to burn fat while sleeping yahoo up for climbing 20 mountain peaks in 20 weeks? Kayaking the Abel Tasman? May jump out of planes and off buildings and bridges? A great one for entrants who want to take up tight rope walking, or who just want to not fall over when they stand on one leg.

Want to go from being a walker to a runner, hike happily up hills or just not puff going up stairs? Then this is the category for you. From butt to big toe this is the category for those yearning for a fab set of pins and a great toosh. We regard this as one of our very hardest categories to put your hand up for! This category acknowledges the challenges of staying on track. If your dream is to lift, push or pull a or just to lift more than you already do then this is the category for you.

Been competing in events for a few years? For the entrant who is chasing stronger, more toned shoulders, back, chest and arms. For those who in the process of recovering from an injury during the challenge. A great one to help people weight loss challenge auckland 2015 motivated weight loss challenge auckland 2015 on track with their rehab by entering this category.

This is also the only category that you can change into at any point during the challenge. Keen to take up a new activity? Surfing, tennis, karate, bowling, gymnastics, pole dancing or sailing maybe? Whatever it is, see how good you can get at in 20 weeks to be in to win this one. The only rule is the activity needs to be new-ish to you i. For entrants who have health and fitness goals not covered by our other categories like improving their agility, or the speed at which they can bowl a cricket ball or coping with mental health issues, overcoming addiction, improving their blood pressure, cholesterol levels or confidence.

All entrants are also automatically entered in to the following three overall categories. Awarded to an entrant who has experienced all over positive changes in shape, fitness, strength, body fat, muscle, posture, health — the whole kit and kaboodle! Step 2: Check if you're eligible to enter any extra categories. All entrants, in addition to entering their two chosen categories, are eligible to enter as many of these categories as are are applicable to their situation.

Just tick the boxes on the full entry form we send you. My Pet and Me. For entrants 65 years and over as of June 30th, Recognizing our work affects our health and vice versa this category is for those wanting to challenge themselves to be healthier at work and help others to be too. For entrants under 16 years of age as of September 18th, Step 3: Enter Here.

Step 4: Choose a Personal Trainer. Click here to find out more about how to find a Personal Trainer. Email 1: info catchfitness. Email 2: catchfitness weight loss challenge auckland 2015. Freephone: BoxSumner, Christchurch, New Zealand Instagram: 20 Week Challenge Girl About the Challenge Entrants Journeys. Body and Lifestyle Challenge. Personal Trainers Register Here. Why we are successful.

The Guide will help prepare for the 20 Week Challenge so you hit the ground running. Your own Personal Trainer PT. Do activities you enjoy. Train at home, in a gym, cycling, swimming, dancing, walking the dog, you choose. We take no commissions or payments from any companies or individuals including personal trainers. Created by people in the industry. The creator of this Challenge Broni Mac has been weight loss challenge auckland 2015 the fitness industry for over 20 years and won awards for her efforts.

Pick what categories you want to enter.

Weight Loss Challenge - Week 2 Progress

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