How to lose weight going raw vegan

Vegans are strict hoow that eat only plant foods, such as grains, vegetables, fruits, oils, nuts and seeds. I love animals and have been mostly vegetarian sometimes vegan for over half my life. I am mostly vegan now but still struggling with my weight. Organic fruits and vegetables are better, because they have more vitamins and minerals. Healthy or Hype: Is a Carb-Cycling Diet Worth Its Weight

So they start to eat meat again. Why is that so? Some years back, an acquaintance of mine said he had weight problem which was clear to everyone. I suggested vegetarian diet I wanted to say vegan but I thought that might be too hard for him at first for his problem. He immediately said no, saying he gained more weight by going vegetarian. He kept drinking soda, white rice, white bread, eating pizza, chips, French fries, candies, and you-know-what.

And for every meat and chicken he couldn't eat, he replaced it with cheese, butter, white rice, white bread, and white sugar. What is wrong with this? A two-slice portion 2 ounces of greasy cooked Canadian bacon contains 33 mg of cholesterol and 4. So naturally he would have gained more weight. Even if a person eats total vegan diet, omit all animal foods — how to lose weight going raw vegan, chicken, fish, dairy — a person how to lose weight going raw vegan gain more weight.

There are four major reasons for this. Eating refined sugar and refined grain products cause overeating. The most common ways is eat more oil rich foods. The prime choice of this is fried food. Fried food is rich in fat, so eating a lot of this makes a person fat. Also frying process makes food particles smaller and brittle, which makes GI index of the food even higher.

It should be noted that among all the cooking methods, frying gives highest GI index. Click each links to read more about them. Eating dairy and meat cause obesity as well because dairy and meat has too much fat to begin with. Read more about obesity cause here. Eating refined flourrefined sugarand coffee in regular basis is one of the most common cause for chronic fatigue syndrome. Generally, going a vegan diet can be bad if you eat in ways described below : Eating usual SAD Standard American Diet meals and just omitting meat.

This means a person continue to drinking soda, white rice, white bread, eating pizza, chips, French fries, candies, and etc. This will lead to low in protein, iron and zinc, vitamin K2, B12 etc. Make sure you eat whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables to replace these. Plants, if eaten whole, can provide complete protein even if you do not eat bean and legumes.

Click how to lose weight going raw vegan the link to read more about why you do not need protein supplement when you go vegan diet. Plants, especially leafy green vegetables are loaded with protein. Also Soda and muffins provide enormous amount of calories with very little nutrition. If you do not eat meat but continue to drink soda and eat conventional muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, pizza, and etc. The reason is protein intake makes body metabolism faster then carbohydrate.

But since protein is going to be totally eliminated, the body metabolism would slow down, thus gaining more fat. However, this effect of switching to whole grain can be easily nullified by keep eating candies, chocolates, French fries and etc. This is also known as the how to lose weight going raw vegan diet. This satisfies sugar cravings and also provides many valuable vitamins and minerals in abundance which are key to processing and burning excess fat in the body.

Organic fruits and vegetables are better, because they have more vitamins and minerals. How and why vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables process and burn sugar faster, read sections on refined flour page. Many brands of fake meat have egg whites, refined sugar, refined flours, and refined oils. Also, even the ones which do not have these, some are high in sodium, so they should be eaten in moderation.

Eating sodium is not necessarily bad. However if you eat refined salt and too much of it, it would be bad. Check the label that if the fake meat has used "sea salt" instead of just "salt" Going how to lose weight going raw vegan itself does not guarantee the health. It has to do with how to lose weight going raw vegan type of vegan food you eat. Even if you are vegan friendly, if you eat candie, gum, drink soda, drink alcohol, smoke cigar, and doing drug, going vegan would not going to help your health.

In the transition period of going vegan, many vegetarians rely on cheese to get protein, eating cheese every meal, such as cheese sandwiches, cheese on pasta, cheese crackers for a snack, etc.


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