How to reduce saturated fat in pizza

Bizarrely, though, considering that there is no faf in this, half of its fat is saturated, possibly from the bread base. Nutrition Notes is provided by the American Institute for Cancer Research in Washington, D. You would have to eat an incredible 20 of these before you equalled the saturated fat intake of one Pizza Hut Margherita. Choosing Foods and Beverages Saturated, Unsaturated, and Trans Fats. Here's why your weight can fluctuate 5 pounds in a day. Various fats contain different proportions of saturated and unsaturated fat.

But if you choose wisely among the many choices available today, you can eat it how to reduce saturated fat in pizza feeling naughty. If you worry about the number of calories in pizza, keep in mind that thin-crust pizzas have fewer calories than regular-crust versions, and deep-dish pizzas have the most. Within these categories, however, brands of pizza differ considerably. Too much saturated fat?

The other major concern about pizza is the cholesterol-raising saturated fat. But a slice of regular cheese pizza averages only about two to three grams of saturated fat. A total of four to six grams of saturated fat in two slices of this kind of pizza is actually not much considering the recommended limits for saturated fat are 18 to 22 grams a day, or 12 to 17 grams for those with high blood cholesterol.

On the other hand, if you choose a special pizza with pepperoni, sausage, or ground beef, two slices of pizza will have an extra six grams of saturated fat. Ordering half-cheese pizza is another way to restrict fat and calories. In two slices you will get only two to three grams of saturated fat. Asking for less cheese can be a great idea if your meals during the rest of the day are higher in fat. But reducing the cheese means that the amount of protein will be reduced to a total of seven to nine grams in two slices.

This amount is much less than one-third of your daily protein needs. To meet your needs and satisfy your hunger for longer periods, you should have another source of protein with the pizza, like a bean salad. Healthier options hit the market. Other health-oriented options are how to reduce saturated fat in pizza. One national chain offers a new thin-crust pizza that has 30 percent less fat than their standard thin-crust pizza.

Each slice of these inch pizzas contains just to calories instead of Other new offerings are less healthy. The most significant choice you make about pizza, however, is how many slices you eat. Each slice of thin-crust pizza has the same amount of carbohydrates as a slice of how to reduce saturated fat in pizza. Each slice of regular-crust pizza is comparable to one-and-a-half or two slices of bread. Thus, eating four pizza slices is as excessive as having four to eight slices of bread with a meal.

Each bread stick contains 90 to how to lose fat from body quickly and 2. Instead, increase the vegetables in your meal. If you want a take-out pizza, purchase it at the grocery store, along with a bag of ready-to-eat salad or baby carrots and celery sticks. A medium or inch pizza will supply four people with two how to reduce saturated fat in pizza each. Nutrition Notes is provided by the American Institute for Cancer Research in Washington, D.

Jump to story headline. Eating pizza with peace of mind. Not all versions are high in fat and calories. Next story in Nutrition Notes. Does drinking your fruit and veggies count? Some, however, are healthier than others. By Karen Collins, R.

Healthy BREAKFAST Pita Pizza Recipe

How to Lower Saturated Fat in Recipes. too much of a particular kind of fat, saturated fat, How do you reduce fat content when cooking to make healthy recipes?. Pizza and cheese are the biggest food sources of saturated fat in the U.S. diet, keeping these foods low is the best way to reduce intake of saturated fat. SATURATED, UNSATURATED, AND TRANS FATS. SATURATED FAT. Eating more unsaturated fat than saturated and trans fats can reduce your risk of heart.

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