Ek civic weight loss

Mod: VIS Carbon Fiber Hood. Replace Air box with CAI 5lbs. Car: 93 Honda Prelude VTEC. Separate names with a comma. So, eeight never wanted a racing steering wheel untill I have trouble controlling my portions.

The K Series Source. Go with the eg. It starts light and can only go lighter. Ek can get lighter but not as light ,oss an eg. I prefer fk ek but i'm biased. I also auto-x a fk coupe. I weighed lbs with me in it and half a tank of fuel at the track. I got an EG because it's lighter I can always make my car stiffer roll cages n such but how light can you ek civic weight loss, that's my.

If you are trying to do any sanctioned racing, there are weight limits either way. If you have to get inspected, eg is obd1 which makes life easier. If you go ek, you can get the hasport ekk2 kit weoght moves the motor further back and higher for better ground clearance. Well, one piece of info you should consider a tiny bit is overall dimensional differences wheelbase, track, height etc.

These specs affect how the car drives. The Si's wheelbase is 1. This car should have better overall transitional handling and rotate the rear tires around better in tight corners. But it has a worse drag coefficient so in higher speeds it weigut actually accelerate slower. You can build the same or better performing track car for less money with a 5G hatch vs a 6th gen, but the 6G has a few tech advantages that can be heightened to a level of performance beyond that of the 5th gen.

I think Honda picked the overall "better" car ek civic weight loss slap on the Civi badge on for the first time. Tsuchiya, can you demonstrate? Romeg6AM i understand that the Ek weights what about pounds more the the EG in certain trim levels but i just wegiht my second EG since i crashed ek civic weight loss first one in a deer accident Because there o so sexy Romeg6PM anyone please Romeg6PM hey thanks anyone else? NYCEGKRPM The EK chasis is slightly heavier but more rigid.

NYCEGKRPM Oh and this too ek civic weight loss everybody should c this! Romeg6AM I think ive seen these videos before but from what ek civic weight loss understand is that both are equal Romeg6PM it will be for a short while Romeg6PM so im guessing EG Import AlAM Well, one piece of info you should consider a tiny bit is overall dimensional differences wheelbase, track, height weiht.

Mrnewgen 2nd Stage Weight Reduction on K24 Civic "Before The Lights"

Warning! Don't BUY Another Garcinia Cambogia Brand Until YOU Read This!. May 14,  · Forums > Model Specific > Civic and del Sol - EG and EK > This site uses cookies. EG hatchback weight differences Discussion in ' Civic and del Sol - EG and EK. You know that Civic hatchbacks are lighter than other Civics. You know that EG’s generally weight less than EK ’s. Right? Well to clear some of those myth’s up I.

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