5 ways to avoid loose skin during weight loss

Moderate aerobic workouts incorporating brisk walking, cycling, aerobic machines, or swimming not only burn calories they also keep your heart healthy. How often should you be working out? Increase the amount of walking you do. Exercising might actually make you gain a few pounds of muscle when you first start, but it's an essential component of any long-term, sustainable weight loss plan. Vegetarians are generally thinner and healthier than meat-eaters, according to a study published in the American Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics. Strength Training After

View as one page. Even if you have superhuman willpower, the holiday season is challenging for everyone. Staying on track can seem so daunting, you feel like swan-diving into the eggnog and sending your sensible routine into hibernation until the New Year. But, as we all know, excess pounds don't disappear along with the decorations. And nobody wants to start the new year in the hole, body-wise.

Turns out, there's no need to. Check out our 15 rules for a no-gain season. You can indulge and still wake up the same size or less! That's often enough to make sure you stay on track, 5 ways to avoid loose skin during weight loss not so often that you take all the fun out of holiday noshing, says Michael Dansinger, MD, an assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine.

Step on the scale first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty. Exercising in the morning can help ensure better behavior all day lloose, according to a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Using brain scans, researchers durinng that when women worked out in the a. The upshot: fewer cravings for high-fat fare. Peruse the buffet before you load your plate to avoid foods you don't really want, suggests obesity expert Tim Durong, MD, a 5 ways to avoid loose skin during weight loss at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University.

If, for instance, you could take or leave sushi but adore sliders, don't start with the tuna rolls hoping to be able to resist the two-bite burger. Church notes, "you'll stave off those cravings that can get you in trouble later on. Willpower is like a muscle: Work it and you get stronger. What's key is to practice keeping yourself in check in non-food situations, too.

Succeed in not honking at that rude driver, he explains, and you'll be better able to resist dessert at the party. Cutting back all day so you can indulge at an event that night only sets you up for a pig-out. Be sure to eat your three squares and a couple of snacks. Aim for lots of fruits and veggies, whole weigbt, and lean protein. So what if you sskin get to your favorite yoga class or find time for the treadmill? For example, jumping rope duirng 15 minutes torches about calories; a quick yoga sequence at home can help you stay flexible.

But practice the three-bite rule to keep your sweet tooth in check. Have the night of your life, then send guests home with food-filled Tupperware. Under the spell of that peppermint bark you co-worker brought to the office? Before you succumb, try this simple trick: Place the thumb and fingers of one hand on your forehand, a half inch apart. Tap each finger one at a time, once per second, telling yourself, "Hold on. Sounds crazy, but it works.

In fact, any bubbly beverage can lead to belly bloat, explains Zuckerbrot. Instead of trying to down eight glasses of water near impossible when you're busyhave a green salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and a few slices of avocado. Research shows peppermint can help calm stomach muscles and reduce gas. Try chamomile, suggests Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, author of Read It Before You Eat It.

We know: When your to-do list is never-ending, it's hard to make yourself downshift, even at mealtime. Skkn eating fast is a quick recipe for an expanded waistline. The nutrient counterbalances sodium, so you retain less water, Zuckerbrot explains. Our favorite 5 ways to avoid loose skin during weight loss possibilities: bananas, papayas, kiwis, strawberries, and cantaloupe. Stressed by the sight of that holiday spread?

Take deep breaths before you grab a plate. Research suggests that women who practice stress reduction techniques are able to prevent weight gain. Close your eyes and focus on your reaching for 30 seconds. Then reevaluate whether you really want to fill your plate; chances are you don't. Experts Respond to the TED Talk People Are Buzzing About.

Loose Skin: The FACTS

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