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Your IP : My ferret has recently recovered from a severe infection that caused her to lose help ferret lose weight an ounce and a half of weight. I think that this question violates the Community Guidelines. It is without a doubt the best weight loss that I have ever had and I have not put it back on to this losf. My poor fuzzy Tor is losing weight.

I find pieces of the bedding in his stools. We see this more commonly in ferrets under the age of 1 than in older ferrets. The first thing you should do is remove the bedding immediately. The first sign of a ferret that has seight blockage is a decreased appetite and subsequent weight loss. The help ferret lose weight way to treat a GI los is with an abdominal exploratory surgery.

As scary as this surgery may sound, it is a common procedure to perform in ferrets and rarely are there any complications to this straightforward surgery. If you do not have the surgery performed and the blockage remains, there can be very dire consequences to your ferret. The most dangerous being help ferret lose weight weight loss leading to a loss of important nutrients and finally the intestines will rupture leading to a very painful condition called peritonitis.

Most cases of peritonitis in ferrets and many animals are fatal. In rare instances, oral medications can help break up an intestinal blockage, but I do not recommend anyone try that without direct help ferret lose weight from their veterinarian. If the treatment does not work, then there weiight a great risk for an intestinal weiyht and you will not know that a rupture has occurred until your ferret is so sick, that it is beyond saving.

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Q: What Caused my Ferret to Suddenly Lose Weight? A: Ferrets lose weight because the seasons change, and they shed their heavy winter coat. Ferrets aren’t very. Jul 20,  · How do i get my ferret to lose weight? Ive got a 8yr old pet ferret. He doesn't want to stop eating. He eats How to help my ferret lose weight?. Caring For Your Senior Ferret: If your older ferret starts to lose weight or loses her You can help make the "golden years" of your ferret the very best.

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