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Check out the fqt story at NPR. HealthyWage handed her a check with her winnings in person. A HealthyWager can increase fat loss bet weight loss success! Put Your Money Where Your Fat Is. Meet your goal and win your prize! In Placing This Weight-Loss Bet, You Lose to Win. Ee, who weighed at the time.

By PAMELA WEILER GRAYSON FEB. Ee, 30, worked at an Internet company in SoHo, and had been competing with a colleague to see who could lose more weight. But they had both stopped going to the gym because of long hours at the office. In search of more motivation, they turned up the pressure: they entered into a formal one-month wager to see who could cut the higher percentage of their body fat loss bet index. Ee, who weighed at the time. And he used to leave really good fat loss bet on my desk.

There were weekly weigh-ins by an outside record keeper. Ee finished second in that bet, after losing an additional four pounds. Along the way, Mr. Internet sites that facilitate diet betting have seen an increase in traffic, and recent studies have supported what Mr. You are less likely to eat bad things from the candy jar. At a sales meeting a few weeks before the end of the bet, Mr. Fallon admitted that he enjoyed vanquishing his peers even more than losing the pounds.

The study created two groups of dieters with financial incentives, as well as a control fat loss bet. Kevin Volpp, co-author of the study and an associate professor in behavioral economics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Wharton School, said the prospect of losing or gaining fat loss bet was a significant incentive for dieters, especially when the money was not rewarded until the end of the period.

Weekly feedback was also an important component of the study, Dr. Volpp said, as was the very simple fact that people do not like to lose money. Similarly, two Yale professors, Dean Karlan and Ian Ayres, studied the effects of commitment contracts on quitting smoking and then applied that research to dieting, developing a business around their theories. They teamed up with a graduate student, Fat loss bet Goldberg, 24, and started StickK.

The site has more than 23, users, the highest percentage of whom 42 percent have commitment contracts fat loss bet losing weight. The site takes fat loss bet card information up front and charges your card weekly if you fail to meet your goal. You can designate someone to be your referee fat loss bet a friend, co-worker or spouse, for example — but in the end, if they fail to do their jobs, then StickK.

View all New York Times newsletters. Bush and Bill Clinton presidential libraries. The anti-charities have the highest success rate of all the StickK. We have fat loss bet scale in my office, and our office friends keep track of it. I was cocky at first, but then I missed two weeks. Sanborn says he is particularly motivated to be successful so he can get money from Mr.

Juarez that he is already owed. The sites, which are free, have formalized the group-diet betting process by providing a forum for publicly tracking weight and setting specific incentives, although neither site handles the monetary part of the bet. Carol Lewis, 45, who works part time for the Federal Reserve in Boston, made a fat bet last summer with her husband. They formalized their bet on fatbet. The deal was that if Ms.

They both lost some weight, although her husband lost more. Lewis is now involved in a new bet with other people. Put Your Money Where Your Fat loss bet Is. Fat loss bet Reprints Today's Paper Subscribe. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. The New York Times. Clear this text input. Continue reading the main story. It was an eight-player example of a diet bet, in which those seeking to lose pounds give themselves a new incentive: money.

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Bet your fat away. A weight loss site for competitive people. Challenge your friends and coworkers to a Fatbet. 2 40yr old men start with 25% BF. They enter a four month body fat percentage loss challenge. One follows strict PMSF protocol, with no lifting. Feb 04,  · BET ON IT Dennis Roberson, left, and Samwoo Ee are former co-workers who took part in a weight - loss competition with others in their office. Credit.

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