Is throwing up a bad way to lose weight

Losing weight is only one of the ways you can make your quality of life better - another is paying attention to your nutrition and exercise. People who are anorexic are underweight. Just ask Zoolander, that's a great way to lose some extra pounds before a photoshoot. Is this diabetes related? It is the water that you drink after you finish eating just before you want to throw up is what will help you throw up. It has against diabetic effect on the body. Which is very good.

When throwing up because of Bulimia your throwing up the contents in your stomach. Your not allowing the foods to pass through to your intestines, thus not taking in any fats, or nutrients. So you do eat food, but you don't let your body take in the nutrients or anything so you don't gain wight. This also deprives your body of essential minerals such as iron, and calcium. So it depends on how often the person throws up, the food she eats.

And how long the food stays in the stomach. The stomach can take in food fast, but it's slow to exit. Digestion usually takes hours. Bulimia will rot your teeth, make your breath smell bad, and damage your esophagus. And eventually kill you. As for anorexia, I'm not sure. I know you can only live about a week with literally NO food. But Anorexic people usually drink water, and eat a small meal once a day.

But this is obviously not enough. So they can die within 3 months, or a couple of years depending on how severe it is. Once your body goes through your fat it will start to eat your muscles to survive. This includes your HEART! So throwiny both of these conditions you will die sooner or later. People are so funny. It's really amazing how lazy we are.

People think they get fat because they eat. That's just like saying you have cavities because you eat candy. You don't get cavities when you eat candy, you get cavities when you brush your teeth. Same thing with our bodies. You don't get fat because you eat. You get fat because you're lazy and don't exercise.

If you spent 5 hours on an elliptical every week, you would burn almost 2 months is throwing up a bad way to lose weight food in the course of a year. You don't think that your body would be different if you burned 2 months of food in a year? Also, it gives you a new condition- having a OCD. Eating disorders are really crippling to both men and women. It's something that should be avoided. Too many dead Hollywood starlets, musicians caint be wrong. Apparently, when a person starts to ix eating or throws up, but in a sense it is throiwng the effect at any rate, the fact that the person isn't allowing any food to be digested the body thinks that food is sparse like a natural defence so the weight loss does not start straight away and in fact any food the person eats but still doesn't eat a healthy amount will put on more weight because tnrowing of the food eaten will go into storage as it will still think food is sparse.

The best way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet that is healthy more than anything, eat until you feel full and by this I throsing mean bursting so you stomach hurts Oh and remember when doing exercise muscle weighs more than fat so even if you come to a point in your lifestyle where your weight seems to go up a bit it's just you building muscle which is a very good thing. If you were just curious about the weight loss thing and weren't considering it then hopefully this will be of help to others.

Um in my experience, not eating works but it's not healthy at all. I got down to around 92lbs, but I was really sick and it was a miserable experience. As for bulimia, the number one thing I have to say about this is that it ruins your teeth, so I don't suggest doing it if you want to look more appealing. As for whether or is throwing up a bad way to lose weight it works, one of my roommates was bulimic and she didn't really lose weight, she had a large bone structure and when she did it her hair fell out.

People don't realize how much they need to eat HEALTHY foods and supplements etc. Drinking a ton losd cranberry juice at once and eating things with a lot of soy has also worked for me. Ti course, a healthy exercised body looks better than the other stuff. Not the smartest plan. People who are bulimic are generally an average weight.

It's actually really common for their dentist to be the one to discover that they have an eating disorder uup of the damage it does to their teeth. People who are anorexic are underweight. Neither way is a healthy way to lose weight. You end up doing a lot of damage to your body that can kill you in the scheme of things. Sure it will is throwing up a bad way to lose weight you loose weight.

The Puke Up, A New Way to Lose Weight

To lose weight by throwing up one must Though throwing up after meals has proven to be a very effective way for a lot healthier ways to lose weight than. Dr. Tim Harlan explains why bulimia is a bad idea and an unhealthy way to lose weight. Ask Dr. Gourmet newsletter (sign up throwing up a good way to lose weight?. 8 Common Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight. Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight. The act of throwing up is either a symptom of.

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